The Tale of Spirit and Dragon

The Shadows rose and fell for an age in peaceful rhythm, cast about by the smoky light pouring from the maw of Dragon, old and wise and fierce beyond measure. From any, t commanded attention, rapture for within Its flaming eyes lay the savage beauty of the wilds, and the pretended order of the civilized. The wisdom of all time was enveloped within this one mighty being, and She stood before Him. The girl with no knowledge of fear, for naught had ever scared Her. Young and unknown, ignored by the world, She’d walked in the wildest places, yet never known to falter.

For She was Spirit, not a wraith or ghost of the wild places, but Spirit in its purest form — a form which could not be broken.

Dragon’s sage scales shone against the orange light, like new leaves burning in the sun. It let loose a heavy breath, and Its warmth blew across the girl’s face, blowing Her hair back ever so slightly. And the girl blinked, as if something was in Her eye, and in a soft voice stronger than any child could possess, She asked “What are you?”

Dragon, in his kindest wisdom, laughed a light rolling thunder. “I am Dragon: breather of the Flames of Life, He whose blessing is sought.” His voice was like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s eve.

The girl blinked again, more slowly this time. Her lips parted absently. “Why do they seek your blessing?”

“So many wish for it, because they curse themselves,” Dragon explained, like a father to his child, though He was not. This child had been born of another father, the first being He’d known to be so. The girl herself didn’t quite understand Dragon’s words, but nodded regardless. And then there was a moment of silence between the two until Dragon spoke again. “And what are you? Those creatures born of me can not find where I dwell. It has been long since any have found me here.” Dragon’s query was kind and curious.

“I don’t know,” said Spirit. “Is it not enough that I am?”

And so Dragon laughed, his fires casting light to dance about Him. “Of course it is enough. It is more than enough.”

Spirit listened to Dragon’s words and sat, legs crossed. She looked about her, as any child might. “What is this place?” she asked.

“It is the top of the world. From here, one can see all.”

“No, that’s not what I mean,” She said, as if her intention was clear. “What is this place to you?”

And Dragon smiled, and in that moment He loved this Spirit, as He did any child of his own. “This is home, and from here I watch and listen. It is where I shall always be.” And despite the finality of his words, there was happiness in them.

“It’s very nice,” said Spirit.

“It is, isn’t it? You may stay if you wish.”

The girl nodded and laughed, and she walked to Dragon with joy in her step, nestling against his warm neck. And she fell into a good dream. Dragon took one, long breath and fell deep into his own slumbers. And forever more they were together: Spirit and Dragon.


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